UltraCraft AirWash

Cleaning & drying with only one click

AirWash integrates cleaning and drying functions, automatic matching of the cleaning process, and atomizing cleaning technology. Users do not need to touch the resin during the whole process, and can quickly clean and dry with one click. The non-immersion cleaning eliminates the need to change cleaning solvents when switching applications. In addition to simplifying the complicated post-processing steps and lowering the barriers for use, the device utilizes smarter reminders to enable users to know the status of the device and use it more freely. With regards to staying up to date, remote OTA updates are supported to ensure the latest software version and cleaning process are used.

Product Highlights
  • Auto-configured washing strategy
  • Atomized agent washing technology
  • Smart notifications
  • A greener and odorless process
  • OTA smart update

  • Volume: 6 models
  • Time: ≤10 min
  • Agent: Ethanol (75%/95%), Isopropanol (98%)
  • More Parameters
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