• PAU10
    PAU10 New

    UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10 is a balanced resin with excellent surface quality for injection molded like final results.

  • PAT10
    PAT10 New

    UltraPrint-Modeling PAT10 is a highly transparent resin with great performance and long lasting clarity. It features high dimensional stability, performance stability, color stability, high toughness and impact resistance.

  • PAM10
    PAM10 New

    UltraPrint-Design CMYK is a collection of mixable colored resins. The material has five basic colors. Any color combination can be used to obtain a consistent print.

  • PAP10
    PAP10 New

    UltraPrint-Production PAP10 is crafted specifically for the scalable production of miniatures and finely detailed structures.

  •  PAH10
    PAH10 New

    UltraPrint-Molding PAH10 boasts balanced performance with high-temperature resistance and structural stability. This resin material is made to meet prototyping requirements in high-temperature scenarios up to 110 ℃ (230°F).

You can request a sample from us if you want to know more about the actual printing result or get tired of selecting suitable materials for your applications.

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