UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10


2000 g/Bottle

1000 g/Bottle

Machine Compatibility:


Key Features

UltraPrint-Modeling PAU10 is a balanced resin with excellent surface quality for injection molded-like final results. It features high tensile strength, ductility, surface hardness, and impact resistance. It also has extremely high dimensional performance and color stability. It can meet the industrial needs of self-tapping screws and has aging-resistant characteristics. This resin is suitable for the production of functional parts and product casings. Give your 3D printed models and functional prints the performance they need.

  • Suitable for End Use Products
  • ABS-like Balanced Performance
  • Aging Resistant
  • Suitable for Functional Parts Production
  • Color Stability
  • Stable Performance

Basic Performance

PropertiesUnitStandardResultTensile StrengthMPaASTM D63844.6-48.3Tensile ModulusMPaASTM D6381612.5-1788.8Elongation at Break%ASTM D63817.2-22.5Flexural StrengthMPaASTM D79065.8-72.9Flexural ModulusMPaASTM D7901630.7-1765.6Impact Strength (Notched)J/mASTM D25625.9-27.4Work of FractureJ/m²ISO 20795.17080.2-9392.8Heat Deflection Temperature℃ASTM D64861.9HardnessShore DASTM D25681ViscositymPa·sASTM D792745Water Sorption%ASTM D5700.75


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