Resin Tank Storage Stack

A safe and efficient way of resin tank storage.

For users with needs for high volume printing using multiple materials, switching resin tanks is a regular move. It is wasteful and inconvenient to pour the material back to the bottles for safekeeping and then rinse the resin tank for other resins. To solve this problem, we offer the UV-proof storage stack, combined with the silicon lid on the resin tank for temporary sealing. You can store up to 4 resin tanks on the stack with peace of mind.

Product Highlights
  • UV-proof
  • Easy to access
  • Store up to 4 resin tanks at a time

  • Product Size: 420×283×500 mm ( 16.5×11.1×19.7 inch) after assembly
  • Weight: 7 kg (15.4 lb)


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