UltraCraft AirCure

Big power packed into a small body.

The AirCure curing machine provides the final step in chairside production with a small footprint and low power consumption. The professional optical design enables AirCure to have a high curing efficiency, and through automatic calibration and automatic compensation of curing light intensity, it can ensure stable and efficient long-term use. Through cloud interconnection with UltraCraft ChairSide, the curing process can be completed with a single click, reducing waiting time and improving the performance of the finished product.

Product Highlights
  • Efficient post-curing process
  • Material performance unleashed
  • Auto-configured post-curing strategy

  • Volume: 6 models
  • Curing times: ≤10min
  • Curing method: Underwater/Without water/Cure with agent
  • More Parameters
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