HeyGears AI Splint Design - From Scanned Data to Night Guard File in Just 1 Min

Irvine, California

HeyGears AI Splint Design is available to try now! Using this easy-to-use software you can go from scanned intraoral data to a 3D night guard file in just 1 minute.


This software has a high compatibility with imported models; accepting intraoral scan data, dental model scanned data, closed mouth, and open mouth models, and the success rate is close to 100%.


  • Automatically generate night guard file in 1 minute
  • Auto-generated design is close to the final result, and 70% of the results can be used with minimal fine-tuning
  • Multiple adjustment tools are available to support personalized revisions to the automatically generated results


To get a free trial today contact sales@heygears.com.




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