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Overijse, Belgium


Dr. David Norré is a certified prosthodontist, implantologist, and adjunct lecturer from Tufts University. He opened his own dental practice, INSERNA, in 2009, focusing on dental surgery. Dr. Norré started using 3D printing because he wanted to physically see dental guide designs. Printing temporary bridges and comparing them physically helps him make better decisions on how to treat his patients best.


Dr. David Norré


Owning and running a dental practice keeps Dr. Norré very busy. For this specific reason, he uses the UltraCraft ChairSide for the production of dental pieces for his patients. A compact, easy-to-use 3D printer enables him and his colleagues to print without extensive 3D printing experience.


The UltraCraft ChairSide uses CapsulePrint for resin refilling. CapsulePrint integrates an all-in-one tray, dental resin, and a material-adding mechanism in a single, easy-to-use design. It records your printing data and monitors your resin usage to ensure you have enough resin for your next print. Once the resin capsule is used, you can unclip it and clip a new one to get back to 3D printing. CapsulePrint is a fast, clean, and repeatable alternative to traditional resin usage, which can be time-consuming when mixing or replacing.



Dr. Norré’s dental practice uses the UltraCraft ChairSide to 3D print surgical guides, mock-up models, and some temporary crowns. The mock-up models help create a silicone index intended for transferring the information into the mouth during treatment. Temporary crowns are another fast and easy application they print using the UltraCraft ChairSide.


HeyGears Cloud is an integrated cloud service where Dr. Norré and his colleagues can import scanned data, design an application, prepare it for 3D printing, and receive a final printed case in as little as 2 hours. The entire design process is intuitive and easy to use, allowing people with minimum 3D printing experience to operate the ChairSide. The AirWash and AirCure units help to post-process any dental application with ease.



"I have been using the UltraCraft ChairSide for 3 or 4 months now, and I haven't had one misprint", says Dr. Norré, "It's very reliable, and we trust the entire process the ChairSide offers." Dr. Norré is looking to send all of his future files to HeyGears for his design needs so he can focus on what's important to him, delivering quality solutions to his patients.


If you want to learn more about the UltraCraft ChairSide, please contact us here.


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