HeyGears at IDS 2023

Cologne, Germany


Showcasing Our Latest Technology for Dental Labs and Clinics




HeyGears showcased at IDS 2023 in Cologne, Germany, from March 14th - 18th. IDS is known as the leading global trade fair for the dental community. It is held every two years and recently celebrated its 100th year anniversary.



This year, a total of 1,788 companies from over 60 countries exhibited at IDS 2023. The event organizer, Koelnmesse, stated that 120,000 visitors from 162 countries passed through the doors over the course of the 5 day event, 60% of them coming from abroad.





Key highlights for HeyGears at IDS 2023:


· Visitors from dental labs were very interested to see the automation capabilities of the UltraCraft A3D and its scalability with the Resin Station


· The newly announced UltraCraft Wash Station was appreciated for bringing greater automated workflows to labs


· The UltraCraft ChairSide received high praise from clinics for its compact design and high build quality.


· Dental technicians were impressed by and appreciated the quality and variety of our 3D printed dental applications, as well as the expanding possibilities of same day dentistry.






Dental lab visitors were impressed with our UltraCraft A3D and its automation capabilities. Dental labs are constantly looking to improve their production process. The UltraCraft A3D looks to fill the need for ultra-high production 3D printing. Automation is providing new opportunities for digital dentistry production, and the A3D provides labs with an intelligent and scalable solution.




*UltraCraft ChairSide is not currently available in the German market.



Dental clinics and distributors were impressed with the compact design and build quality of our UltraCraft ChairSide and ChairSide Pro 3D Printers. Many people were interested in learning more about the CapsulePrint technology for the ChairSide and the production capabilities of the ChairSide Pro within labs and clinics.





Dental technicians found our display of 3D-printed dental appliances to be better than others on the market in key areas of importance, such as strength and aesthetic. Our UltraPrint-Dental resin can print appliances for implants, orthodontics, and fixed or removable restorations.






Also on show at the booth was HeyGears Cloud for labs and clinics, with its scan to model capabilities and fully integrated design, pre-processing, and print management features.


Watch our latest video introducing the UltraCraft Wash Station



The UltraCraft Wash station was announced at our booth during IDS. It is our newest product which allows dental labs to wash up to 200 dental models in an hour. We showed the first product details via an introductory video for our visitors. It proved to be of great interest to dental labs looking to incorporate more automated capabilities in their labs.



Overall, IDS 2023 was a great success, with visitors to our booth coming from across the globe, meeting with new and old friends from Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. We look forward to seeing you at the next event!



Watch our full video recap of IDS 2023





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