2024 ORG Conference & Expo

April 5-6, 2024

The Orthodontic Resource Group (ORG) was formed in 2019 and is the largest association of orthodontic laboratory professionals in the world. The ORG was the first and only Ortho lab specific association in the world! Since then, the ORG has been bringing experienced and highly interactive labs, technicians, and doctors together to discuss strategies and issues in the dental laboratory industry. 


ORG is hosting their annual Ortho Lab Conference alongside the Dental Laboratory Association of Texas. It will be TWO full days of dedicated ortho lab education!



Join us at table no. 15 to learn about our latest automation solutions including the UltraCraft A3D and the recently unveiled A3D Ortho, our Scan-to-Model capabilities, and get drinks tickets for the Friday night networking event!

See you there!


Register for the event here: https://orthodonticresource.com/conference-portal/

Contact our sales team here: sales@heygears.com



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