UltraCraft Wash Station Launch at LMT LAB DAY West 2023

Southern California, USA

At LMT Lab Day West 2023, HeyGears held an exclusive networking party followed by an introduction to the UltraCraft Wash Station, the latest product developed for dental labs looking to streamline and automate their workflows.



The UltraCraft Wash Station was announced with a presentation showcasing how it fits into a dental lab’s workflow by saving time and improving efficiency. The UltraCraft Wash Station can clean up to 200 models per hour in an automated and streamlined process. This cuts the manual operating time required for washing 3D-printed dental models by up to 75%, giving lab technicians more time to handle other tasks.


During the event, visitors were able to see the Wash Station for themselves at the HeyGears booth.



If you would like to learn more about the UltraCraft Wash Station, please click here.


The LMT LAB DAY West even took place with 156 exhibitors showcasing the latest dental technology and products to over 2,100 registered dental lab professionals.


Key highlights from HeyGears at LMT LAB DAY West 2023:


·  The launch of the UltraCraft Wash station in the United States, designed to save time and improve efficiency for dental labs.


·  The UltraCraft A3D large-scale printing capabilities and material storage capacity of the Resin Station.


·  Dental technicians were impressed by the quality of our dental applications and customer service support.



During LMT LAB DAY West event, dental labs were also interested in learning about the UltraCraft A3D’s large scale automated printing capabilities along with the large material capacity of the Resin Station. Increasing production output while streamlining workflows is key for US dental labs as they look for ways to maximize their case deliveries.



Dental technicians found our display of 3D printed applications impressive, especially regarding the quality of the printing materials and in crucial areas such as strength and aesthetics. Technicians were also impressed with the level of customer support we offer, which includes 24/7 online support, 30-minute fast response, and 48-hour problem-solving. These support capabilities are essential for technicians as they typically have to complete their dental cases with a quick turnaround time.


Overall, LMT LAB DAY West 2023 was a great success. We thank everyone who joined our networking party and new product launch event.

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