Global deployment

Centered around HeyGears’ HQ in Guangzhou, China, our global support team provides service coverage in over 30 regions, including the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia. By establishing professional service in R&D, production, training, and technical support, we take pride in leading a global network of premium services.  

Localized technical support

By forming a professional team of technical support engineers, HeyGears believes that service with both efficiency and understanding of the local market is vital to offer valuable solutions to our local customers.

In-depth product introductions

Our knowledge center tracks and updates all FAQs related to hardware, software, and material.

Service plans

Our service plans offer well-rounded support that gives our partners peace of mind.

  • Scheduled maintenance service

  • HeyGears printing center support

  • System upgrade service

  • Customer training program

7 × 24 hour

Online & Offline Service

<  30minute

Immediate response

<  48hour

Problem solving

From training to certification

We provide professional training and certification processes to improve the service quality of professional personnel working for our customers.

Digital Dental Workshop S01:

Practical operation of fully digital implant design based on aesthetic restoration

Digital Dental Workshop S02:

Digital design of complex surgical guide and application of digital technology for permanent repair