End-to-end automation
Part removal, safe and quick

Auto part removal <3 min

Removal blade with endurance, over 2,000 times of full-platform removal

Material always at its max
Auto material refill with mega bottle (3 Liter) Real-time material usage monitoring ensures that the resin tank material is always filled for maximum printing stability.

Real-time material usage monitoring

Auto material refill with mega bottle (3 Liter)

Platform swap with precision

24/7 production, 3 Ⅹ throughput

The harvest chamber can hold up to 400 models, making it possible to operate unmonitored for over 16 hours.

Status monitoring for a peace of mind

The HiVE module is equipped with multiple sensors to ensure that key status is monitored and logged during the automated production process.

Chamber open/close monitoring

Module status monitoring

Printed parts level monitoring

Harvest chamber position monitoring

Machine Compatibility

A2D Ortho+HiVE


HiVE Tech Specs

Dimension 711 × 711 × 1648 mm
Weight 233 kg
Power 550 W