In order to support our partners to scale up digital production, HeyGears established a professional design center with over 200 experienced designers to provide 24/7 global dental design services.

Developed to Support Various Dental Applications.

Fixed restoration | Removable restoration | Orthodontics | Implantation

A core linkage in the digitization process

Design service completes the digital chain from data aquisition to production, creating an one-stop experience for all customers.

Service with a global view

Workflow simplified

  • Chair-side service

    After order submission, dentist can trace order status via the platform and recieve notifications accordingly.

  • Lab service

    Technicians can monitor design progress and assign the designed files via UltraNet production managment service.

Ever-evolving application designs

Not only does HeyGears Design service complete your orders, but we also encourage our designers to research and innovate to come up with novel application designs to further assist the digital transformation of our partners.

  • Development
  • Expansion
  • Iteration
Customer preference standardized

Our data structure builds up specific customer profiles based on customer preferences, so that a personalized service is guaranteed with no mistakes.

Premium service with top quality standards.

Professional design team

More than 200 full-time dental designers, 30% with 5+ years of experience and 10% with 10+ years of experience.

5+ years of experience.
10+ years of experience.
full-time dental designers.

1 to 1 private service

Our smart order system automatically matches the most suitable designers to customers based on order histories and selected preferences.

Premium customer service

A customer service team formed by designers makes sure your requests can be handled by the right hands from the start.

Time really matters.

  • < 30 Minute
    30 mins fast response.
  • < 2 Hour
    Fastest design turnover within 2 hours.
  • 7 × 24 Hour
    24/7 online.

Fixed restoration, removable restoration and implantation cases take up to 6 hours with rush option of 2 hours for selected applications. Orthodontic cases take up to 24 hours.

Mark our words.

  • Satisafactory guaranteed
  • On time or free
HeyGears Design